Swedna Therapy

In Swedna Therapy fifty four herbs in a senitive proportion are mixed together and wrapped in a cloth forming herbal pudding as a small herbal bag and dipped in Ayurvedic medicines in the form of hot oils known as Thylam and applied in the affected area.

An experienced therapist should judge the depth of heat penetration by adjusting the hotness of the herbal pudding and time of contact.

Apart from this he is moving the herbal pudding in accordance with the blood flow and there by allowing an easy transport of toxins and exchange of minerals in the damaged area.

A trained swedna therapist is aware of the nature of damage like swollen veins, extended tendons, prolapsed disk, displaced vertebrae, inflamed joint, damaged synovial membrane, articular cartilage etc. and there by deciding the depth of penetration of heat and movement of the herbal pudding in accordance with it.

Heat promotes the absorption of herbal medicines present in the oil (Thylam) through the skin, the largest organ, and reach fast in the area of damage. These medicines play a vital role in a very natural way in the heating process.

In the case of skeleton deformities like dislocated joints or vertebrae, by the application of herbal pudding dipped in hot oil (Thylam) prepare the area more subtle and tender, so that the therapist can rearrange physically these deformities with the practice.

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